The following is a list of the top ten articles visited in July 2009: –

1. Pay Yourself First

This article stresses the importance of saving first from your income, and then living off the remainder, rather than the other way around. Those who save first and spend what is left invariably become richer than those who spend first and save what is left, if anything. A great lesson for us all!

2. Cashflow Forecasting – Planning Income and Expenditure

The basis of any budget is knowing what income you have coming into the household, compared to what is going out in the way of expenses – this extremely popular spreadsheet will help you with this vital task.

3. New Tax Year – New ISA Allowance – 2009/2010

The Chancellor increased the ISA allowance to £10,200 from 6th October 2009 for those over the age of 50, with the remainder of the population enjoying this allowance from 6th April 2010.

4. Investment Bonds – An Introduction

The investment bond has been a key financial planning tool for a number of years – this article discussed the benefits as well as some of the shortfalls of this often misunderstood investment vehicle.

5. Retirement is an Income, not an Age!

Many people think they have to work to a certain age – unfortunately for most people this is a reality as they never take control of their finances and make their money work for them. By setting an annual income goal, and by paying yourself first, it is possible to retire when you want and not when you have to.

6. Small Increases in Income Make a BIG Difference!

When we consider income and expenditure, most if not all people have fixed costs each month – rent, mortgage, food, insurance, car etc. This article discusses how small increases in income can have a big effect on your standard of living and quality of life.

7. Non-taxpayers – ensure you receive interest on your savings with no tax deducted

Many non-taxpayers are, unfortunately, paying tax on their bank and building society interest – they don’t have to! Completing a simple form provided by the taxman can put more money in your pocket.

8. Over 60? A great free book from the Government

This book contains lots of useful information – download it now for yourself or pass a copy to a relative.

9. State Pension – how much will you get?

Get a free state pension forecast – it’s worth planning ahead – especially if you’re not going to get the full State Pension – check to see what your position is now.

and finally…..

10. New Passport Fees – act quickly to save money

If you’re within 9 months of renewing your passport do it now – save having to pay the 7.64% increase in price coming in September – consider it another way – if you could find a savings account paying 7.64% net after tax would you put money in it!!!!!

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