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Personal Finance Questions – September 2009

In our regular feature we will cover some of the topics which readers have been emailing us about. Naturally we can’t give direct financial advice but maybe some of these questions and their answers will be of interest to you.

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Personal Finance Questions – August 2009

In this post we will answer some of the many questions we are receiving from visitors to the site. Although we cannot answer your questions directly and we are not authorised to give financial advice were we see a theme running through questions from our readers we will provide a generic answer on the site.

I remember at school the teacher always used to say “ask a question – if you have a question you can guarantee that half the class also have the same question but are too scared to ask!”.

Where can I get a free income and expenditure spreadsheet?

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Personal Finance Questions – April 2009

In this new feature we will answer some of the many questions we have been receiving from visitors to shrewdcookie.com. It is often said that if you ask a question chances are that many other people also want to ask that very same question.

Although we receive a large number of personal questions we have to remind you that we do not give financial advice on this website – we encourage you to visit an independent financial adviser, solicitor or accountant if you wish to discuss any particular course of action which may be prompted by an article you read on our site.

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