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Change in Personal Pension Retirement Age – Act NOW!

Personal pension minimum retirement age is changing from 50 to 55 on 6th April 2010. If you’re aged 50-54 now and wish to take benefits before age 55 you may need to act before 5th April…..click above for more information

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A few interesting blog posts you might like

Here are three interesting blog posts which you might find interesting – please feel free to share your own favourite posts by posting a comment and a link below.

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Top 10 Personal Finance Articles – September 2009

Here is our usual monthly list of the top 10 read articles on shrewdcookie.com in September – there are some surprising entries!

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Personal Pension? – Minimum Retirement age 55 from 6th April 2010!

Did you know that, if you’re lucky enough to be in the position, you can at present take your personal pension benefits from age 50?

The rules are changing though – from 6th April 2010 the minimum age for taking personal pension benefits is increasing to age 55. The change in the pension rules could mean those people who are now aged 50-54 and wanting to take their pension benefits early being forced to take pension benefits from age 55 – thereby having to defer retirement for up to 5 years.

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Top 10 Personal Finance Articles – August 2009

The following is a list of the top 10 read articles in August.

1. Pay Yourself First – the first step in wealth creation

This article discusses the need to save from income before spending it! This is a form of deferred consumption and by saving first and then spending what is left you can build a solid foundation to your financial future.

Tip – aim to start saving 10% of net income each and every month – it won’t be easy at first but your budget and lifestyle will adapt over time.

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Buy a Financial Calculator

Buy a Financial Calculator

Anyone who is committed to increasing their personal wealth would be strongly recommended to buy a financial calculator.

I bought my first financial calculator when I was at University some 18 years ago, it was a Hewlett Packlard 10B Business Calculator, and I still use it today. The model has been updated now – Hewlett Packard 10BII – but the new model still offers the same great facilities I have come to know and love.

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Retirement is an income, not an age

It occurred to me recently with all this talk about the need to raise retirement age in the Uk due to our ageing population, that many people have got it wrong.

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Saving Money on Your ISA Charges

Instant Returns on Pension Contributions

Instant Growth of 36.36% on Your Money

In the current investment market there is very little opportunity as far as most people can see it to make a decent short-term return on your money.

There is however a nice tool which can be used to generate an immediate return of 36.36% on your money invested.

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Demonstrating compound interest on regular savings over time

It’s not how much you save, but how long

Saving for income in retirement can be a daunting thought for most people. The problem they face is that they simply don’t know how much they need to save between now and retirement.

In this article we consider the time value of money, and in particular, the benefits to be enjoyed from “compound growth”.

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State Pension – how much will YOU get?

Information on State pension, state pension age, calculating your retirement date, requesting a state pension forecast.

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