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Are you £1 ahead or £1 behind?

I was reading an excellent post over at Seth Godin’s blog which got me thinking about budgeting, wealth and financial independence.

The article talks about how over 2 billion people on this planet live below the poverty line.

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Credit Cards – 0% on Balance Transfer – interesting article

I just read a very interesting article on balance transfers over at Rob Lewis’ Money Watch site. Many people have built up outstanding balances on credit cards over the last few years, using their cards to meet day to day living costs, as well as more expensive purchases. What many don’t realise though is that they […]

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Debt-snowball – repay your debts quicker

It is common for people to have more than one debt – for example you may have a mortgage, a personal loan, a few credit cards, hire-purchase etc. Nobody likes debt, unless it is being used as leverage for an investment, and for the majority of people the quicker it is paid off the better!

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