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7 Changes I’ve Made to Save the Planet and Me Some Money

At the start of 2009 I made a pact with myself that this year I would make as much effort as possible to change my lifestyle for the benefit of the environment as well as putting more money in my pocket.

Here’s what I have managed to do so far:-

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Are you £1 ahead or £1 behind?

I was reading an excellent post over at Seth Godin’s blog which got me thinking about budgeting, wealth and financial independence.

The article talks about how over 2 billion people on this planet live below the poverty line.

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Small Increases in Income Make a Big Difference!

When considering income and expenditure, we need to calculate total expenditure, and then deduct this from income. This gives what I like to think of as “true disposable income”. Any small increase in income can therefore have a leveraged effect.

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Retirement is an income, not an age

It occurred to me recently with all this talk about the need to raise retirement age in the Uk due to our ageing population, that many people have got it wrong.

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Cashflow Forecasting – planning income and expenditure

Historically, cashflow forecasting was a method used by business owners, managers and accountants to analyse income and expenditure over a set period ot ime. By analysing inflows and outflaows of cash for each period, e.g. each month, they were able to see what strains they would have on cash at any one time – e.g. was there any particular month or months where they needed to draw on other sources of cash. Download your own cashflow forecast template here

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