Self-Assessment Deadline is midnight on 31st January 2012Just a quick heads-up people – the deadline for submitting your electronic deadline is fast approaching – 23.59 hours on Tuesday 31st January 2012.

This is the deadline for submitting your electronic return (paper returns were due in by 31st october 2011) for the 2010/11 tax year.

It’s also the deadline for payments due in January.

More info available on the HMRC site.

This evening I received an email purportedly to be from HMRC in respect of a tax refund.

The opening to the email is as follows:

“Dear Applicant

We have reviwed your tax return and our calculations of your last years accounts a tax refund of GBP 178.25 is due.”

You will notice that there are errors in that sentence – “reviwed” is spelt incorrectly and “our calculations of your last years accounts….” is just awful grammar. Surely they have missed out some words.

There was a form attached to the email (no doubt asking for my banking details!) but thankfully Outlook placed the email into the Junk E-mail folder.

HMRC are aware of this scam – see this page on the HMRC site.

It would appear that this phishing scam has been around for quite a while as there is an article by Rob over at the moneywatch blog on this very issue back in 2009.

Please pass this on and don’t fall for it – you could find your bank account emptied very quickly!

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Hey folks – it’s that great time of year again when we all panic about getting our tax returns in to HMRC (those of us who complete a tax return that is).

Paper Returns

If you want to send a paper return to HMRC and have them calculate the tax then the deadline is 31st October 2009 (if you received a notice to submit a return before or on 31st July this year – if you received your notice after 31st July then you have 3 months from that date – confusing, I know!)

Online Returns

If you’re looking to have tax collected through your PAYE code (i.e. you’re an employee) then you have to submit online by 31st December 2009.

If you’re self-employed and you wish to calculate your own tax liability then you have until 31st January 2010 (this is the one I go for – note to self – get books to Accountant)


It’s important not to miss a deadline as HMRC may issue you with a fine of at least £100.

More information on tax deadlines from HMRC website.

As most non-taxpayers will know, interest on bank and building society accounts is paid net of tax at 20% – savings rate tax.

Unless you complete a Self-Assessment tax return the only way to ensure that you are not paying unnecessary income tax on your bank or building society accounts is to register for payment of interest on their savings accounts without any tax deducted.

How do I register for gross interest with no tax deducted?

You can either ask the cashier at your local bank or building society branch to register you for gross interest – to do this you need to complete form R85.

The Inland Revenue also have a helpsheet on this subject.

Am I eligible for gross interest on my bank account?

Those helpful people over at HMRC (the Inland Revenue) actually have a tax checker on their website here. Use this tool to see if you are eligible for gross interest payment.

I think I may have paid tax on my savings interest in previous years – can I claim it back?

If you were previously a non-taxpayer and you inadvertently paid tax on some interest received then you can complete form R40 – Tax Repayment Form and reclaim this tax from HMRC.