This evening I received an email purportedly to be from HMRC in respect of a tax refund.

The opening to the email is as follows:

“Dear Applicant

We have reviwed your tax return and our calculations of your last years accounts a tax refund of GBP 178.25 is due.”

You will notice that there are errors in that sentence – “reviwed” is spelt incorrectly and “our calculations of your last years accounts….” is just awful grammar. Surely they have missed out some words.

There was a form attached to the email (no doubt asking for my banking details!) but thankfully Outlook placed the email into the Junk E-mail folder.

HMRC are aware of this scam – see this page on the HMRC site.

It would appear that this phishing scam has been around for quite a while as there is an article by Rob over at the moneywatch blog on this very issue back in 2009.

Please pass this on and don’t fall for it – you could find your bank account emptied very quickly!

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