If like me you tend to change your mobile phone every few years chances are that you have an old mobile lying in a drawer gathering dust!

Did you know that you can sell your old mobile phone to realise some cash for your old phone?

For instance, I am just in the process of upgrading from my old Sony Ericsson K800i which is now 3 years old and started to look tired. A colleague of mine in the office said “why don’t you sell it? You could get a good price for what effectively is a phone you no longer need.”

Having searched the internet I was amazed to find that there are a number of sites which buy old mobile phones. Having looked at several I was happy to see that I could indeed sell my K800i, which is now nearly 3 years old, for £28.00!

I have mentioned this to a number of friends and relatives and many have said they were surprised about the amount of cash being offered for my old phone and that they also have old phones which they are now going to sell!

Here are links to some of the sites which buy old mobile phones (click the logo to visit site for a quote for your phone):-