Hey folks – it’s that great time of year again when we all panic about getting our tax returns in to HMRC (those of us who complete a tax return that is).

Paper Returns

If you want to send a paper return to HMRC and have them calculate the tax then the deadline is 31st October 2009 (if you received a notice to submit a return before or on 31st July this year – if you received your notice after 31st July then you have 3 months from that date – confusing, I know!)

Online Returns

If you’re looking to have tax collected through your PAYE code (i.e. you’re an employee) then you have to submit online by 31st December 2009.

If you’re self-employed and you wish to calculate your own tax liability then you have until 31st January 2010 (this is the one I go for – note to self – get books to Accountant)


It’s important not to miss a deadline as HMRC may issue you with a fine of at least £100.

More information on tax deadlines from HMRC website.