Managing your Finances – a great article

If you read just one personal finance article this week then make it this one – Managing your Finances and Preparing for the Worse over at

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Don’t Let the Postal Strikes Cost You Money

Rob over at Moneywatch has some handy tips for us all to bear in mind with the possible postal strikes in the run up to Christmas.

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Tax Return Deadline – A Reminder

Hey folks – it’s that great time of year again when we all panic about getting our tax returns in to HMRC (those of us who complete a tax return that is).

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WARNING – Malicious Email supposedly from HMRC

I thought you should be made aware that I received a spam email today – purportedly from HMRC (Inland Revenue)

The body of the email contained the following text –

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Personal Finance Questions – September 2009

In our regular feature we will cover some of the topics which readers have been emailing us about. Naturally we can’t give direct financial advice but maybe some of these questions and their answers will be of interest to you.

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A few interesting blog posts you might like

Here are three interesting blog posts which you might find interesting – please feel free to share your own favourite posts by posting a comment and a link below.

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New ISA Rules – October 2009

ISA rules are changing on 6th October 2009 to allow those aged 50 and over to increase up to £10,200 each tax year into a Stocks and Shares ISA. Of this £10,200 allowance, up to £5,100 can be invested into a Cash ISA, with any unused allowance up to the £10,200 allowance being available to invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA.

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Download Academic Year Planner – 2009/2010

Here’s a free to download academic yearplanner for the 2009/2010 academic year. Feel free to share this download with friends and family.

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Top 10 Personal Finance Articles – September 2009

Here is our usual monthly list of the top 10 read articles on in September – there are some surprising entries!

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In it for the long haul – no short-term miracles in wealth creation

I have just read a great post over at Plonkee. Plonkee talks about the need to effectively put your investment strategy on “auto-pilot” – with money being dripped into stakeholder pensions and Stocks and Shares ISA’s on a regular basis.

They key with any long-term investment strategy is to start as soon as possible – tomorrow is too late!

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