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Free A4 2011 Yearplanner to Download

Download Free Yearplanner for 2011

Back by popular demand is the 2011 A4 Year Planner. The 2010 version proved exceptionally popular and I have received many email asking for a new one for 2011. Download now! It pays to plan ahead – holidays, work, school holidays, birthdays etc. To use simply print off as many copies as you like – […]

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Download Academic Year Planner – 2009/2010

Here’s a free to download academic yearplanner for the 2009/2010 academic year. Feel free to share this download with friends and family.

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Free year planner for 2010 – A4 size

Download Free Year Planner for 2010

It pays to plan ahead – holidays, work, kids off school, bills(!)

I have made the following year planner for 2010 – it’s saved in PDF format and will download really quickly as it is only a small file.

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Personal Finance Blogroll – a list of great personal finance sites

This post is inspired by Rob over at who has publihsed his personal blogroll.

This is a list of the sites I read on a regular basis through their RSS feeds – any time their sites are updated I can read the new posts they have written through a feed-reader. I use the one which comes installed with Internet Explorer 7. Up on the toolbar you will see a little symbol which looks like this: –

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Get Money for your Old Mobile Phone

If like me you tend to change your mobile phone every few years chances are that you have an old mobile lying in a drawer gathering dust!

Did you know that you can sell your old mobile phone to realise some cash for your old phone?

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Over 60? Great book of help from the Government for you!

The Government have issued a great book for anyone over the age of 60 in the United Kingdom – it is full of helpful information on where to find help and benefits in the UK when you need them.

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Fund Performance – Useful Websites

Fund Performance – Useful Websites

The importance of reviewing investment funds

Many people invest in pensions, ISA’s, investment bonds, endowments etc. without actually giving much thought to the funds in which they are investing.

Invariably we find that the money has simply been invested in a “managed” fund and little thought has been given historically to investing in a decent fund or portfolio of funds in line with the investor’s attitude to investment risk at the time the investment was taken out.


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