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Reminder – Cash ISA Allowance is Increasing!

Just a quick reminder that, as of 6th October 2009, the maximum which someone aged over 50 can pay into a Cash ISA in the current tax year is increasing from £3,600 to £5,100.

In the last Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer increased the Stocks and Shares ISA allowance from £7,200 to £10,200 for those aged over 50 (before 5th April 2010) with the increase coming into effect on 6th October 2009.

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Saving Money on Your ISA Charges

In times of low returns it is vitally important to ensure that your ISA and other investments are not suffering from high charges. This can be helped by investing through a “fund supermarket” or “discount broker”.

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Concerned about Stock Markets? ISA Cash Park

How to Park your Money in an ISA

Many people are concerned about the current state of UK and world stock markets, together with other investment asset classes, yet they would still like to utilise their ISA allowance for the future tax-efficient benefits which an ISA investment can provide.

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Change in ISA Allowances – Budget 2009

Budget 2009 – ISA Allowance Increased – from 6th October 2009

In his Budget speech on the afternoon of 22nd April 2009, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, announced that with the maximum amount which can be invested in a tax-efficient ISA will rise from £7,200 to £10,200. Read more……..

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New Tax Year – New ISA Allowance – 2009/2010

Yesterday, 6th April 2009, marked the beginning of a new tax year – all last year’s planning is now closed and we each start the new tax year with a clean slate and the opportunity to make positive changes in our personal finances.

With the dawning of a new tax year comes the ability to contribute to another ISA allowance.

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ISA’s – Individual Savings Accounts

As we approach the end of another tax year on 5th April many will be mindful of the need to fully utilise their ISA allowance – you may have heard people mention ISA’s but you’re not quite sure what they’re all about – something tells you they’re risky!

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a form of tax-efficient savings and investment product.

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