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Personal Finance Management (PFM) Tools in the UK

Interesting article at about the variety of Personal Finance Management tools available in the UK.

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Increase your Wealth – Take a Pay Cut!

Take a pay cut and increase your wealth – by redirecting your money into assets and not liabilities.

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Some end of tax year planning ideas – 5th April 2010

A number of ideas that may be of interest to you as we approach the end of another financial year on 5th April 2010. Pensions, ISA’s, CGT, income tax…….

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pound cost averaging and falling stockmarkets

Why a falling stock market isn’t always a bad thing!

Why a falling stock market is not always a bad thing! When markets are falling a shrewd investor uses this as an opportunity to expand their portfolio by buying cheaper assets. This can ultimately lead to considerably higher return in the future.

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Pre-Budget Report – 9th December 2009

Pre-Budget report from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, is due on Wednesday 9th December 2009… above for more information

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Managing your Finances – a great article

If you read just one personal finance article this week then make it this one – Managing your Finances and Preparing for the Worse over at

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Personal Finance Questions – September 2009

In our regular feature we will cover some of the topics which readers have been emailing us about. Naturally we can’t give direct financial advice but maybe some of these questions and their answers will be of interest to you.

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Top 10 Personal Finance Articles – September 2009

Here is our usual monthly list of the top 10 read articles on in September – there are some surprising entries!

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7 Changes I’ve Made to Save the Planet and Me Some Money

At the start of 2009 I made a pact with myself that this year I would make as much effort as possible to change my lifestyle for the benefit of the environment as well as putting more money in my pocket.

Here’s what I have managed to do so far:-

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19 Essential Money Tips for Students

Thousands of students will be leaving home and heading off to places new, far afield, in search of education and trying to avoid poverty. Here are 19 tips which helped me through Uni on a tight budget.

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