Take a paycut and invest in your own financial futureThe current tax year ends on 5th April 2014 and until midnight you can invest up to £11,520 into a Stocks and Shares ISA. This can either be direct with a fund management house or via an investment platform, fund supermarket or wrap provider.

For those who are keen to manage their own portfolios there are a huge range of funds, shares and other investment classes to choose from to benefit from a more favourable tax treatment of income and capital gains tax, in the investors hands.

Alternatively, if you’re not so investment-savvy and wish to receive advice and guidance, please consult an Independent Financial Adviser.

If Stocks and Shares ISAs are not for you, due to the investment risks involved, you can still invest up to £5,760 into a Cash ISA. These are available from many banks, building societies and other institutions. They are quite simply bank account which pay your interest without any tax deducted.

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At midnight tonight the new 2011/12 tax year starts!

ISA allowances are increasing from £10,200 to £10,680.

Of this £10,680, up to £5,340 can be invested in a Cash ISA, and any unused allowance between the amount you put into a Cash ISA and the overall allowance of £10,680 can be invested in a Stocks and Shares ISA.

For example, invest £2,000 in a Cash ISA from midnight tonight and you can still invest up to £8,680 into a Stocks and Shares ISA.

If you can afford to invest on a monthly basis, to benefit from pound cost averaging, the maximum each month (assuming 12 payments) is £890.

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