This page contains a list of documents, tools etc which you can download from our website. To save the document to your computer simply “right click” the mouse and choose “save as”.

Yearplanner 2011 – A4 Version

Back by popular demand – download the 2011 version of my free A4 year planner.

Download 2011 Yearplanner

Yearplanner 2010 – A4 Version

Download this  useful yearplanner with the whole of 2010 on a single page

Download yearplanner_2010

Yearplanner 2010 – A3 Version

Download Year Planner 2010 A3 Version

Academic Year Planner – 2009/2010

Download Academic Year Planner 2009/2010

Cashflow Forecast

A very useful spreadsheet for analysing your monthly income and expenditure over time – Excel 2003 spreadsheet.

Download cashflow_forecast.xls

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