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This is a personal finance website and is primarily aimed at UK citizens although the principles and financial planning techniques highlighted from time to time can be applied to any family or business anywhere in the world – for example, it doesn’t matter where you live, all families should consider the benefits of life insurance.

Having been “online” for over a decade I was surprised at the lack of personal finance websites which deal with the real issues around financial planning – not just sites set up to promote credit cards and loans!

I have been involved in the UK financial services industry for nearly 20 years now – 7 years working as technical analyst/report writer and 12 years helping clients with their financial plans and objectives. I also have a degree in Financial Services.

It’s not just about Money

One of our goals is to provide a useful resource to our readers, and to this end we will also provide information and articles on self-development, goal setting and other areas which we feel may be of interest to you.

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If you wish to comment on any of the articles published please do so – the more feedback we receive the more appropriate we can make articles and items on the website for your benefit.

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If you feel you can add value to any article we publish please let us know. We are happy to include comments, tips, ideas etc from readers.

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Should you feel that you would like to write an article for this site then please contact us. The article should be informative and to the point. In exchange for the article we will be more than happy to provide a link back to your website.

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If there is any topic or subject that you feel we should cover on the site then please let us know. Although we can’t give specific advice we can provide tools, ideas and articles which may be of benefit to you.


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